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Treatment of Parkinson's disease by dance

Dance as Therapy for Individuals with Parkinson Disease

Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of treating Parkinson's disease through dance therapy. At Exclusive dance classes chain, we have accumulated significant experience in Parkinson's treatment through dance and have developed a specialized program for treating the disease at all stages.

As known, there is no cure for Parkinson's, but significant improvement and disease management are possible. The recommended framework for treating this disease is weekly private lessons.

Over the years, Exclusive has helped and continues to assist dozens of sufferers of this disease. We have developed a unique treatment method that addresses the patient's overall balance, both physically and mentally, leading to noticeable progress in disease management. All this is done in a fun atmosphere led by attentive and professional instructors.



Mood and life quality improvement

Lowering the stress level

Balance and posture improvement, which are affected by the Parkinson's disease 

Dancing allows to improve control over movements and a flexibility

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