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Dance Therapy & Trauma

Treatment of the post-war trauma by dance therapy

Trauma leaves its imprint on both mind and body and many researches demonstrate that effective treatment requires the involvement of both.
The new reality in Israel after 7 Oct 2023 hasn't left anyone mentally healthy. In addition to those who used to know the kidnapped people from that day, and those whose friends and family went to the war for months - even non-involved 1st/2nd circle members of society have suffered mental damage as the media keeps for more than 6 months to focus on the disaster, the war, and the possible catastrophic predictions, so everyone needs to learn to lower the stress, anxiety, and trauma
During all these years here in Exclusive we've helped a countless number of people in post-divorce, loss-of-a-family-member, and post-corona-depression to recover and developed a unique program focusing on dance therapy that can help hundreds these days.

Dancing is a recreational therapy that has many pros- emotional, social, physical, and more - all this in a fun atmosphere and with professional instructors.
These days we raise the funding to open a subsidized dance therapy course of 3 months that will help people to overcome this period. The course will :
- provide tool box to lower the level of stress, worry, and depression
- Improve physical condition
- bring together people who are struggling to cope with the new reality to help fight the depression together
The course will be subsidized by donations and supervised by the Non-profit organization HaAmuta LeKidum Sport HaRikudim HaSaloniim

If you care - please contribute! 


Dealing with traumatic memories and reducing the level of anxiety and worry

Dancing is a group activity that encourages social interaction and helps to improve communication and social relations

Dancing helps improve the level of calmness and focus, which can be critical for trauma victims who tend to experience depression and anxiety

Dance allows trauma victims to release barriers and express themselves through movement and music.

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